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public class: RequestGroupInfo [javadoc | source]
This can be moved to top level ( eventually with a better name ). It is currently used only as a JMX artifact, to agregate the data collected from each RequestProcessor thread.
Field Summary
 ArrayList processors     
Method from org.apache.coyote.RequestGroupInfo Summary:
addRequestProcessor,   getBytesReceived,   getBytesSent,   getErrorCount,   getMaxTime,   getProcessingTime,   getRequestCount,   removeRequestProcessor,   resetCounters,   setBytesReceived,   setBytesSent,   setErrorCount,   setMaxTime,   setProcessingTime,   setRequestCount
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Method from org.apache.coyote.RequestGroupInfo Detail:
 public synchronized  void addRequestProcessor(RequestInfo rp) 
 public synchronized long getBytesReceived() 
 public synchronized long getBytesSent() 
 public synchronized int getErrorCount() 
 public synchronized long getMaxTime() 
 public synchronized long getProcessingTime() 
 public synchronized int getRequestCount() 
 public synchronized  void removeRequestProcessor(RequestInfo rp) 
 public  void resetCounters() 
 public synchronized  void setBytesReceived(long bytesReceived) 
 public synchronized  void setBytesSent(long bytesSent) 
 public synchronized  void setErrorCount(int errorCount) 
 public synchronized  void setMaxTime(long maxTime) 
 public synchronized  void setProcessingTime(long totalTime) 
 public synchronized  void setRequestCount(int requestCount)