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public class: RequestInfo [javadoc | source]
Structure holding the Request and Response objects. It also holds statistical informations about request processing and provide management informations about the requests beeing processed. Each thread uses a Request/Response pair that is recycled on each request. This object provides a place to collect global low-level statistics - without having to deal with synchronization ( since each thread will have it's own RequestProcessorMX ). TODO: Request notifications will be registered here.
Field Summary
 RequestGroupInfo global     
 Request req     
 Response res     
 int stage     
 String workerThreadName     
 ObjectName rpName     
 public RequestInfo(Request req) 
Method from org.apache.coyote.RequestInfo Summary:
getBytesReceived,   getBytesSent,   getContentLength,   getCurrentQueryString,   getCurrentUri,   getErrorCount,   getGlobalProcessor,   getLastRequestProcessingTime,   getMaxRequestUri,   getMaxTime,   getMethod,   getProcessingTime,   getProtocol,   getRemoteAddr,   getRequestBytesReceived,   getRequestBytesSent,   getRequestCount,   getRequestProcessingTime,   getRpName,   getServerPort,   getStage,   getVirtualHost,   getWorkerThreadName,   setBytesReceived,   setBytesSent,   setErrorCount,   setGlobalProcessor,   setLastRequestProcessingTime,   setMaxRequestUri,   setMaxTime,   setProcessingTime,   setRequestCount,   setRpName,   setStage,   setWorkerThreadName,   updateCounters
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Method from org.apache.coyote.RequestInfo Detail:
 public long getBytesReceived() 
 public long getBytesSent() 
 public int getContentLength() 
 public String getCurrentQueryString() 
 public String getCurrentUri() 
 public int getErrorCount() 
 public RequestGroupInfo getGlobalProcessor() 
 public long getLastRequestProcessingTime() 
 public String getMaxRequestUri() 
 public long getMaxTime() 
 public String getMethod() 
 public long getProcessingTime() 
 public String getProtocol() 
 public String getRemoteAddr() 
 public long getRequestBytesReceived() 
 public long getRequestBytesSent() 
 public int getRequestCount() 
 public long getRequestProcessingTime() 
 public ObjectName getRpName() 
 public int getServerPort() 
 public int getStage() 
 public String getVirtualHost() 
 public String getWorkerThreadName() 
 public  void setBytesReceived(long bytesReceived) 
 public  void setBytesSent(long bytesSent) 
 public  void setErrorCount(int errorCount) 
 public  void setGlobalProcessor(RequestGroupInfo global) 
 public  void setLastRequestProcessingTime(long lastRequestProcessingTime) 
 public  void setMaxRequestUri(String maxRequestUri) 
 public  void setMaxTime(long maxTime) 
 public  void setProcessingTime(long processingTime) 
 public  void setRequestCount(int requestCount) 
 public  void setRpName(ObjectName rpName) 
 public  void setStage(int stage) 
 public  void setWorkerThreadName(String workerThreadName) 
  void updateCounters() 
    Called by the processor before recycling the request. It'll collect statistic information.