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public final class: Response [javadoc | source]
Response object.
Field Summary
protected  int status    Status code. 
protected  String message    Status message. 
protected  MimeHeaders headers    Response headers. 
protected  OutputBuffer outputBuffer    Associated output buffer. 
protected  Object[] notes    Notes. 
protected  boolean commited    Committed flag. 
public  ActionHook hook    Action hook. 
protected  String contentType    HTTP specific fields. 
protected  String contentLanguage     
protected  String characterEncoding     
protected  long contentLength     
protected  Exception errorException    Holds request error exception. 
protected  boolean charsetSet    Has the charset been explicitly set. 
protected  String errorURI    Request error URI. 
protected  Request req     
 public Response() 
Method from org.apache.coyote.Response Summary:
acknowledge,   action,   addHeader,   containsHeader,   doWrite,   finish,   getBytesWritten,   getCharacterEncoding,   getContentLanguage,   getContentLength,   getContentLengthLong,   getContentType,   getErrorException,   getErrorURI,   getHook,   getLocale,   getMessage,   getMimeHeaders,   getNote,   getOutputBuffer,   getRequest,   getStatus,   isCommitted,   isExceptionPresent,   recycle,   reset,   sendHeaders,   setBytesWritten,   setCharacterEncoding,   setCommitted,   setContentLength,   setContentLength,   setContentType,   setErrorException,   setErrorURI,   setHeader,   setHook,   setLocale,   setMessage,   setNote,   setOutputBuffer,   setRequest,   setStatus
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Method from org.apache.coyote.Response Detail:
 public  void acknowledge() throws IOException 
 public  void action(ActionCode actionCode,
    Object param) 
 public  void addHeader(String name,
    String value) 
 public boolean containsHeader(String name) 
    Warning: This method always returns false for Content-Type and Content-Length.
 public  void doWrite(ByteChunk chunk) throws IOException 
    Write a chunk of bytes.
 public  void finish() throws IOException 
 public long getBytesWritten() 
 public String getCharacterEncoding() 
 public String getContentLanguage() 
    Return the content language.
 public int getContentLength() 
 public long getContentLengthLong() 
 public String getContentType() 
 public Exception getErrorException() 
    Get the Exception that occurred during request processing.
 public String getErrorURI() 
    Get the request URI that caused the original error.
 public ActionHook getHook() 
 public Locale getLocale() 
 public String getMessage() 
    Get the status message.
 public MimeHeaders getMimeHeaders() 
 public final Object getNote(int pos) 
 public OutputBuffer getOutputBuffer() 
 public Request getRequest() 
 public int getStatus() 
 public boolean isCommitted() 
 public boolean isExceptionPresent() 
 public  void recycle() 
 public  void reset() throws IllegalStateException 
 public  void sendHeaders() throws IOException 
    Signal that we're done with the headers, and body will follow. Any implementation needs to notify ContextManager, to allow interceptors to fix headers.
 public  void setBytesWritten(long bytesWritten) 
 public  void setCharacterEncoding(String charset) 
 public  void setCommitted(boolean v) 
 public  void setContentLength(int contentLength) 
 public  void setContentLength(long contentLength) 
 public  void setContentType(String type) 
    Sets the content type. This method must preserve any response charset that may already have been set via a call to response.setContentType(), response.setLocale(), or response.setCharacterEncoding().
 public  void setErrorException(Exception ex) 
    Set the error Exception that occurred during request processing.
 public  void setErrorURI(String uri) 
    Set request URI that caused an error during request processing.
 public  void setHeader(String name,
    String value) 
 public  void setHook(ActionHook hook) 
 public  void setLocale(Locale locale) 
    Called explicitely by user to set the Content-Language and the default encoding
 public  void setMessage(String message) 
    Set the status message.
 public final  void setNote(int pos,
    Object value) 
 public  void setOutputBuffer(OutputBuffer outputBuffer) 
 public  void setRequest(Request req) 
 public  void setStatus(int status) 
    Set the response status