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public class: Http11Protocol [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    ProtocolHandler, MBeanRegistration

Abstract the protocol implementation, including threading, etc. Processor is single threaded and specific to stream-based protocols, will not fit Jk protocols like JNI.
Nested Class Summary:
protected static class  Http11Protocol.Http11ConnectionHandler   
Field Summary
protected static  Log log     
protected static  StringManager sm    The string manager for this package. 
protected  Http11ConnectionHandler cHandler     
protected  JIoEndpoint endpoint     
protected  ObjectName tpOname     
protected  ObjectName rgOname     
protected  ServerSocketFactory socketFactory     
protected  SSLImplementation sslImplementation     
protected  HashMap<String, Object> attributes     
protected  Adapter adapter    The adapter, used to call the connector. 
protected  int processorCache    Processor cache. 
protected  int socketBuffer     
protected  boolean secure    This field indicates if the protocol is secure from the perspective of the client (= https is used). 
protected  boolean SSLEnabled     
protected  String socketFactoryName    Name of the socket factory. 
protected  String sslImplementationName    Name of the SSL implementation. 
protected  int maxKeepAliveRequests    Maximum number of requests which can be performed over a keepalive connection. The default is the same as for Apache HTTP Server. 
protected  int keepAliveTimeout    The number of seconds Tomcat will wait for a subsequent request before closing the connection. The default is the same as for Apache HTTP Server (15 000 milliseconds). 
protected  int timeout    This timeout represents the socket timeout which will be used while the adapter execution is in progress, unless disableUploadTimeout is set to true. The default is the same as for Apache HTTP Server (300 000 milliseconds). 
protected  int maxSavePostSize    Maximum size of the post which will be saved when processing certain requests, such as a POST. 
protected  int maxHttpHeaderSize    Maximum size of the HTTP message header. 
protected  boolean disableUploadTimeout    If true, the regular socket timeout will be used for the full duration of the connection. 
protected  String compression    Integrated compression support. 
protected  String noCompressionUserAgents     
protected  String compressableMimeTypes     
protected  int compressionMinSize     
protected  String restrictedUserAgents    User agents regular expressions which should be restricted to HTTP/1.0 support. 
protected  String server    Server header. 
protected  String domain     
protected  ObjectName oname     
protected  MBeanServer mserver     
 public Http11Protocol() 
Method from org.apache.coyote.http11.Http11Protocol Summary:
destroy,   getAdapter,   getAddress,   getAlgorithm,   getAttribute,   getAttributeNames,   getBacklog,   getCiphers,   getClientauth,   getCompressableMimeType,   getCompression,   getCompressionMinSize,   getDisableUploadTimeout,   getDomain,   getExecutor,   getKeepAlive,   getKeepAliveTimeout,   getKeyAlias,   getKeypass,   getKeystore,   getKeytype,   getMaxHttpHeaderSize,   getMaxKeepAliveRequests,   getMaxSavePostSize,   getMaxThreads,   getName,   getNoCompressionUserAgents,   getObjectName,   getPort,   getProcessorCache,   getProperty,   getProtocols,   getRestrictedUserAgents,   getSSLImplementation,   getSecure,   getServer,   getSoLinger,   getSoTimeout,   getSocketBuffer,   getSocketFactory,   getTcpNoDelay,   getThreadPriority,   getTimeout,   getUnlockTimeout,   init,   isSSLEnabled,   pause,   postDeregister,   postRegister,   preDeregister,   preRegister,   resume,   setAdapter,   setAddress,   setAlgorithm,   setAttribute,   setBacklog,   setCiphers,   setClientauth,   setCompressableMimeType,   setCompression,   setCompressionMinSize,   setDisableUploadTimeout,   setExecutor,   setKeepAlive,   setKeepAliveTimeout,   setKeyAlias,   setKeypass,   setKeystore,   setKeytype,   setMaxHttpHeaderSize,   setMaxKeepAliveRequests,   setMaxSavePostSize,   setMaxThreads,   setNoCompressionUserAgents,   setPort,   setProcessorCache,   setProperty,   setProtocols,   setRestrictedUserAgents,   setSSLEnabled,   setSSLImplementation,   setSecure,   setServer,   setSoLinger,   setSoTimeout,   setSocketBuffer,   setSocketFactory,   setTcpNoDelay,   setThreadPriority,   setTimeout,   setUnlockTimeout,   start
Methods from java.lang.Object:
clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from org.apache.coyote.http11.Http11Protocol Detail:
 public  void destroy() throws Exception 
 public Adapter getAdapter() 
 public InetAddress getAddress() 
 public String getAlgorithm() 
 public Object getAttribute(String key) 
 public Iterator getAttributeNames() 
 public int getBacklog() 
 public String getCiphers() 
 public String getClientauth() 
 public String getCompressableMimeType() 
 public String getCompression() 
 public int getCompressionMinSize() 
 public boolean getDisableUploadTimeout() 
 public String getDomain() 
 public Executor getExecutor() 
 public boolean getKeepAlive() 
    Return the Keep-Alive policy for the connection.
 public int getKeepAliveTimeout() 
 public String getKeyAlias() 
 public String getKeypass() 
 public String getKeystore() 
 public String getKeytype() 
 public int getMaxHttpHeaderSize() 
 public int getMaxKeepAliveRequests() 
 public int getMaxSavePostSize() 
 public int getMaxThreads() 
 public String getName() 
 public String getNoCompressionUserAgents() 
 public ObjectName getObjectName() 
 public int getPort() 
 public int getProcessorCache() 
 public String getProperty(String name) 
    Get a property
 public String getProtocols() 
 public String getRestrictedUserAgents() 
 public String getSSLImplementation() 
 public boolean getSecure() 
 public String getServer() 
 public int getSoLinger() 
 public int getSoTimeout() 
 public int getSocketBuffer() 
 public String getSocketFactory() 
 public boolean getTcpNoDelay() 
 public int getThreadPriority() 
 public int getTimeout() 
 public int getUnlockTimeout() 
 public  void init() throws Exception 
 public boolean isSSLEnabled() 
 public  void pause() throws Exception 
 public  void postDeregister() 
 public  void postRegister(Boolean registrationDone) 
 public  void preDeregister() throws Exception 
 public ObjectName preRegister(MBeanServer server,
    ObjectName name) throws Exception 
 public  void resume() throws Exception 
 public  void setAdapter(Adapter adapter) 
 public  void setAddress(InetAddress ia) 
 public  void setAlgorithm(String k) 
 public  void setAttribute(String name,
    Object value) 
    Pass config info
 public  void setBacklog(int backlog) 
 public  void setCiphers(String ciphers) 
 public  void setClientauth(String k) 
 public  void setCompressableMimeType(String valueS) 
 public  void setCompression(String valueS) 
 public  void setCompressionMinSize(int valueI) 
 public  void setDisableUploadTimeout(boolean isDisabled) 
 public  void setExecutor(Executor executor) 
 public  void setKeepAlive(boolean keepAlive) 
    Set the keep-alive policy for this connection.
 public  void setKeepAliveTimeout(int timeout) 
 public  void setKeyAlias(String keyAlias) 
 public  void setKeypass(String k) 
 public  void setKeystore(String k) 
 public  void setKeytype(String k) 
 public  void setMaxHttpHeaderSize(int valueI) 
 public  void setMaxKeepAliveRequests(int mkar) 
 public  void setMaxSavePostSize(int valueI) 
 public  void setMaxThreads(int maxThreads) 
 public  void setNoCompressionUserAgents(String valueS) 
 public  void setPort(int port) 
 public  void setProcessorCache(int processorCache) 
 public  void setProperty(String name,
    String value) 
    Set a property.
 public  void setProtocols(String k) 
 public  void setRestrictedUserAgents(String valueS) 
 public  void setSSLEnabled(boolean SSLEnabled) 
 public  void setSSLImplementation(String valueS) 
 public  void setSecure(boolean b) 
 public  void setServer(String server) 
 public  void setSoLinger(int soLinger) 
 public  void setSoTimeout(int soTimeout) 
 public  void setSocketBuffer(int socketBuffer) 
 public  void setSocketFactory(String valueS) 
 public  void setTcpNoDelay(boolean tcpNoDelay) 
 public  void setThreadPriority(int threadPriority) 
 public  void setTimeout(int timeout) 
 public  void setUnlockTimeout(int unlockTimeout) 
 public  void start() throws Exception