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public interface: DependableFinder [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    DDColumnDependableFinder, DDdependableFinder

A DependableFinder is an object that can find an in-memory Dependable, given the Dependable's ID.

The DependableFinder is able to write itself to disk and, once read back into memory, locate the in-memory Dependable that it represents.

DependableFinder objects are stored in SYS.SYSDEPENDS to record dependencies between database objects.
Method from org.apache.derby.catalog.DependableFinder Summary:
getDependable,   getSQLObjectType
Method from org.apache.derby.catalog.DependableFinder Detail:
 public Dependable getDependable(DataDictionary dd,
    UUID dependableObjectID) throws StandardException
    Get the in-memory object associated with the passed-in object ID.
 public String getSQLObjectType()
    The name of the class of Dependables as a "SQL Object" which this Finder can find. This is a value like "Table" or "View". Every DependableFinder can find some class of Dependables.