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public interface: UUID [javadoc | source]

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An interface for accessing Derby UUIDs, unique identifiers.

The values in the system catalog held in ID columns with a type of CHAR(36) are the string representations of these UUIDs.

A UUID implements equals() and hashCode based on value equality.
Field Summary
static  int UUID_BYTE_LENGTH    UUID_BYTE_LENGTH The number of bytes in the array toByteArray returns. 
Method from org.apache.derby.catalog.UUID Summary:
cloneMe,   toANSIidentifier,   toByteArray,   toHexString
Method from org.apache.derby.catalog.UUID Detail:
 public UUID cloneMe()
    Clone this UUID.
 public String toANSIidentifier()
    Produce a string representation of this UUID which is suitable for use as a unique ANSI identifier.
 public byte[] toByteArray()
    Produce a byte array representation of this UUID which can be passed to UUIDFactory.recreateUUID later on to reconstruct it.
 public String toHexString()
    Create a hex string representation of this UUID.