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Sub Packages:

org.apache.hadoop.fs.s3   A distributed implementation of org.apache.hadoop.fs.FileSystem that uses Amazon S3 . Files are stored in S3 as blocks (represented by org.apache.hadoop.fs.s3.Block ), which have an ID and a length.  


FileStatus   Interface that represents the client side information for a file.  code | html
PathFilter   Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor license agreements.  code | html
PositionedReadable   Stream that permits positional reading.  code | html
Seekable   Stream that permits seeking.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

ChecksumFileSystem   Abstract Checksumed FileSystem.  code | html
Command   A base class for running a unix command like du or df  code | html
FSInputChecker   This is a generic input stream for verifying checksums for data before it is read by a user.  code | html
FSInputStream   FSInputStream is a generic old InputStream with a little bit of RAF-style seek ability.  code | html
FSOutputSummer   This is a generic output stream for generating checksums for data before it is written to the underlying stream  code | html
FileSystem   An abstract base class for a fairly generic filesystem.  code | html
FsShell.DelayedExceptionThrowing     code | html


FileUtil.HardLink.OSType     code | html
BufferedFSInputStream   A class optimizes reading from FSInputStream by bufferring  code | html
ChecksumException   Thrown for checksum errors.  code | html
ChecksumFileSystem.ChecksumFSInputChecker   For open()'s FSInputStream It verifies that data matches checksums.  code | html
ChecksumFileSystem.ChecksumFSOutputSummer   This class provides an output stream for a checksummed file.  code | html
Command.SimpleCommandExecutor     code | html
DF   Filesystem disk space usage statistics.  code | html
FSDataInputStream   Utility that wraps a FSInputStream in a DataInputStream and buffers input through a BufferedInputStream code | html
FSDataOutputStream   Utility that wraps a OutputStream in a DataOutputStream , buffers output through a BufferedOutputStream and creates a checksum file.  code | html
FSDataOutputStream.PositionCache     code | html
FSError   Thrown for unexpected filesystem errors, presumed to reflect disk errors in the native filesystem.  code | html
FileSystem.GlobFilter     code | html
FileUtil   A collection of file-processing util methods  code | html
FileUtil.CygPathCommand   This class is only used on windows to invoke the cygpath command.  code | html
FileUtil.HardLink   Class for creating hardlinks.  code | html
FilterFileSystem   A FilterFileSystem contains some other file system, which it uses as its basic file system, possibly transforming the data along the way or providing additional functionality.  code | html
FsShell   Provide command line access to a FileSystem.  code | html
InMemoryFileSystem   An implementation of the in-memory filesystem.  code | html
InMemoryFileSystem.RawInMemoryFileSystem     code | html
InMemoryFileSystem.RawInMemoryFileSystem.FileAttributes     code | html
InMemoryFileSystem.RawInMemoryFileSystem.InMemoryFileStatus     code | html
InMemoryFileSystem.RawInMemoryFileSystem.InMemoryInputStream     code | html
InMemoryFileSystem.RawInMemoryFileSystem.InMemoryOutputStream     code | html
LocalDirAllocator   An implementation of a round-robin scheme for disk allocation for creating files.  code | html
LocalDirAllocator.AllocatorPerContext     code | html
LocalFileSystem   Implement the FileSystem API for the checksumed local filesystem.  code | html
Path   Names a file or directory in a FileSystem code | html
RawLocalFileSystem   Implement the FileSystem API for the raw local filesystem.  code | html
RawLocalFileSystem.LocalFSFileInputStream   For open()'s FSInputStream  code | html
RawLocalFileSystem.LocalFSFileOutputStream   For create()'s FSOutputStream.  code | html
RawLocalFileSystem.RawLocalFileStatus     code | html
Trash   Provides a trash feature.  code | html
Trash.Emptier     code | html