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Sub Packages:

org.apache.hadoop.io.retry   A mechanism for selectively retrying methods that throw exceptions under certain circumstances.  


Closeable   That which can be closed.  code | html
Writable   A simple, efficient, serialization protocol, based on DataInput and DataOutput code | html
WritableComparable   An interface which extends both Writable and Comparable code | html
WritableFactory   A factory for a class of Writable.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

CompressedWritable   A base-class for Writables which store themselves compressed and lazily inflate on field access.  code | html
GenericWritable   A wrapper for Writable instances.  code | html
VersionedWritable   A base class for Writables that provides version checking.  code | html


ArrayFile   A dense file-based mapping from integers to values.  code | html
ArrayFile.Reader   Provide access to an existing array file.  code | html
ArrayFile.Writer   Write a new array file.  code | html
ArrayWritable   A Writable for arrays containing instances of a class.  code | html
BooleanWritable   A WritableComparable for booleans.  code | html
BooleanWritable.Comparator   A Comparator optimized for BooleanWritable.  code | html
BytesWritable   A byte sequence that is usable as a key or value.  code | html
BytesWritable.Comparator   A Comparator optimized for BytesWritable.  code | html
DataInputBuffer   A reusable DataInput implementation that reads from an in-memory buffer.  code | html
DataInputBuffer.Buffer     code | html
DataOutputBuffer   A reusable DataOutput implementation that writes to an in-memory buffer.  code | html
DataOutputBuffer.Buffer     code | html
FloatWritable   A WritableComparable for floats.  code | html
FloatWritable.Comparator   A Comparator optimized for FloatWritable.  code | html
IntWritable   A WritableComparable for ints.  code | html
IntWritable.Comparator   A Comparator optimized for IntWritable.  code | html
LongWritable   A WritableComparable for longs.  code | html
LongWritable.Comparator   A Comparator optimized for LongWritable.  code | html
LongWritable.DecreasingComparator   A decreasing Comparator optimized for LongWritable.  code | html
MD5Hash   A Writable for MD5 hash values.  code | html
MD5Hash.Comparator   A WritableComparator optimized for MD5Hash keys.  code | html
MapFile   A file-based map from keys to values.  code | html
MapFile.Reader   Provide access to an existing map.  code | html
MapFile.Writer   Writes a new map.  code | html
NullWritable   Singleton Writable with no data.  code | html
ObjectWritable   A polymorphic Writable that writes an instance with it's class name.  code | html
ObjectWritable.NullInstance     code | html
SetFile   A file-based set of keys.  code | html
SetFile.Reader   Provide access to an existing set file.  code | html
SetFile.Writer   Write a new set file.  code | html
Text   This class stores text using standard UTF8 encoding.  code | html
Text.Comparator   A WritableComparator optimized for Text keys.  code | html
TwoDArrayWritable   A Writable for 2D arrays containing a matrix of instances of a class.  code | html
UTF8   A WritableComparable for strings that uses the UTF8 encoding.  code | html
UTF8.Comparator   A WritableComparator optimized for UTF8 keys.  code | html
VIntWritable   A WritableComparable for integer values stored in variable-length format.  code | html
VLongWritable   A WritableComparable for longs in a variable-length format.  code | html
VersionMismatchException   Thrown by VersionedWritable#readFields(DataInput) when the version of an object being read does not match the current implementation version as returned by VersionedWritable#getVersion() code | html
WritableComparator   A Comparator for WritableComparable s.  code | html
WritableFactories   Factories for non-public writables.  code | html
WritableName   Utility to permit renaming of Writable implementation classes without invalidiating files that contain their class name.  code | html
WritableUtils   Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor license agreements.  code | html
WritableUtils.CopyInCopyOutBuffer   A pair of input/output buffers that we use to clone writables.  code | html