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Progressable   An interface for callbacks when an method makes some progress.  code | html
Tool   A tool interface that support generic options handling  code | html

Abstract Classes:

CopyFiles.CopyFilesMapper   Base-class for all mappers for distcp  code | html
PriorityQueue   A PriorityQueue maintains a partial ordering of its elements such that the least element can always be found in constant time.  code | html
ToolBase   This is a base class to support generic commonad options.  code | html


CopyFiles   A Map-reduce program to recursively copy directories between different file-systems.  code | html
CopyFiles.CopyMapperFactory   Factory to create requisite Mapper objects for distcp.  code | html
CopyFiles.FSCopyFilesMapper   DFSCopyFilesMapper: The mapper for copying files from the DFS.  code | html
CopyFiles.HTTPCopyFilesMapper     code | html
Daemon   A thread that has called Thread#setDaemon(boolean) with true.  code | html
DiskChecker   Class that provides utility functions for checking disk problem  code | html
DiskChecker.DiskErrorException     code | html
DiskChecker.DiskOutOfSpaceException     code | html
HostsFileReader   Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor license agreements.  code | html
MergeSort   An implementation of the core algorithm of MergeSort.  code | html
NativeCodeLoader   A helper to load the native hadoop code i.e.  code | html
PlatformName   A helper class for getting build-info of the java-vm.  code | html
PrintJarMainClass   A micro-application that prints the main class name out of a jar file.  code | html
ProgramDriver   A driver that is used to run programs added to it  code | html
ProgramDriver.ProgramDescription     code | html
Progress   Utility to assist with generation of progress reports.  code | html
ReflectionUtils   General reflection utils  code | html
RunJar   Run a Hadoop job jar.  code | html
StringUtils   General string utils  code | html
VersionInfo   This class finds the package info for Hadoop and the HadoopVersionAnnotation information.  code | html
XMLUtils   General xml utilities.  code | html