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abstract public class: ComponentInternals [javadoc | source]
The accessor to AWT private API
Method from org.apache.harmony.awt.ComponentInternals Summary:
addObscuredRegions,   attachNativeWindow,   createCustomChoice,   endModalLoop,   endMouseGrab,   getComponentInternals,   getNativeInsets,   getNativeWindow,   getObscuredRegion,   getRepaintRegion,   getTextFieldKit,   getTextKit,   makePopup,   onDrawImage,   runModalLoop,   setCaretPos,   setComponentInternals,   setDesktopProperty,   setMouseEventPreprocessor,   setTextFieldKit,   setTextKit,   setVisibleFlag,   shutdown,   startMouseGrab,   subtractPendingRepaintRegion,   unsafeInvokeAndWait,   wasPainted
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Method from org.apache.harmony.awt.ComponentInternals Detail:
 abstract public  void addObscuredRegions(MultiRectArea mra,
    Component c,
    Container container)
    An accessor to Container.addObscuredRegions() method
 abstract public Window attachNativeWindow(long nativeWindowId)
    Connect Window object to existing native resource
 abstract public Choice createCustomChoice(ChoiceStyle style)
    Create customized Choice using style
 abstract public  void endModalLoop(Dialog dlg)
 abstract public  void endMouseGrab()
    End mouse grab and resume normal processing of mouse events
 public static ComponentInternals getComponentInternals() 
 abstract public Insets getNativeInsets(Window w)
 abstract public NativeWindow getNativeWindow(Component component)
    The accessor to native resource connected to a component. It returns non-null value only if component already has the native resource
 abstract public MultiRectArea getObscuredRegion(Component c)
    The component's region hidden behind top-level windows (belonging to both this Java app and all other apps), and behind heavyweight components overlapping with passed component
 abstract public MultiRectArea getRepaintRegion(Component c)
    Region to be repainted (could be null). Use this in overridden repaint()
 abstract public TextFieldKit getTextFieldKit(Component comp)
 abstract public TextKit getTextKit(Component comp)
 abstract public  void makePopup(Window window)
    Set the popup flag of the window to true. This window won't be controlled by window manager on Linux. Call this method before the window is shown first time
 abstract public  void onDrawImage(Component comp,
    Image image,
    Point destLocation,
    Dimension destSize,
    Rectangle source)
    This method must be called by Graphics at the beginning of drawImage() to store image drawing parameters (defined by application developer) in component
 abstract public  void runModalLoop(Dialog dlg)
    Makes it possible to start/stop dialog modal loop from anywhere outside of java.awt package
 abstract public  void setCaretPos(Component c,
    int x,
    int y)
    Sets system's caret position. This method should be called by text component to synchronize our caret position with system's caret position.
 public static  void setComponentInternals(ComponentInternals internals) 
    This method must be called by AWT to establish the connection
 abstract public  void setDesktopProperty(String name,
    Object value)
    Makes it possible to call protected Toolkit.setDesktopProperty() method from any class outside of java.awt package
 abstract public  void setMouseEventPreprocessor(MouseEventPreprocessor preprocessor)
    Sets mouse events preprocessor for event queue
 abstract public  void setTextFieldKit(Component comp,
    TextFieldKit kit)
 abstract public  void setTextKit(Component comp,
    TextKit kit)
 abstract public  void setVisibleFlag(Component comp,
    boolean visible)
    Sets component's visible flag only (the component is not actually shown/hidden)
 abstract public  void shutdown()
    Terminate event dispatch thread, completely destroy AWT context.
    Intended for multi-context mode, in single-context mode does nothing.
 abstract public  void startMouseGrab(Window grabWindow,
    Runnable whenCanceled)
    Start mouse grab in "client" mode. All mouse events in AWT components will be reported as usual, mouse events that occured outside of AWT components will be sent to the window passed as grabWindow parameter. When mouse grab is canceled (because of click in non-AWT window or by task switching) the whenCanceled callback is called
 abstract public MultiRectArea subtractPendingRepaintRegion(Component c,
    MultiRectArea mra)
 abstract public  void unsafeInvokeAndWait(Runnable runnable) throws InterruptedException, InvocationTargetException
    NEVER USE IT. FORGET IT. IT DOES NOT EXIST. See Toolkit.unsafeInvokeAndWait(Runnable). Accessor for Toolkit.unsafeInvokeAndWait(Runnable) method. For use in exceptional cases only. Read comments for Toolkit.unsafeInvokeAndWait(Runnable) before use.
 abstract public boolean wasPainted(Window w)
    Returns true if the window was at least once painted due to native paint events