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Sub Packages:


Abstract Classes:

AwtImageBackdoorAccessor   This class give an opportunity to get access to private data of some java.awt.image classes Implementation of this class placed in java.awt.image package  code | html
CommonGraphics2D   CommonGraphics2D class is a super class for all system-dependent implementations.  code | html
CommonGraphics2DFactory   Common GraphicsFactory implementation  code | html
CommonGraphicsEnvironment   Common GraphicsEnvironment implementation  code | html
GLGraphicsDevice   GLGraphicsDevice is a super class for all GraphicsDevice implementations  code | html
GLVolatileImage     code | html
Surface   This class is super class for others types of Surfaces.  code | html
TextRenderer     code | html


Crossing     code | html
Crossing.CubicCurve   CubicCurve class provides basic functionality to find curve crossing and calculating bounds  code | html
Crossing.QuadCurve   QuadCurve class provides basic functionality to find curve crossing and calculating bounds  code | html
ICompositeContext   This class represent implementation of the CompositeContext interface  code | html
ImageSurface   This class represent Surface for different types of Images (BufferedImage, OffscreenImage and so on)  code | html
MultiRectArea     code | html
MultiRectArea.Iterator   MultiRectArea path iterator  code | html
MultiRectArea.LineCash   LineCash provides creating MultiRectArea line by line. Used in JavaShapeRasterizer.  code | html
MultiRectArea.RectCash   RectCash provides simple creating MultiRectArea  code | html
MultiRectAreaOp     code | html
MultiRectAreaOp.Intersection   Intersection class provides intersection of two MultiRectAre aobjects  code | html
MultiRectAreaOp.Region   Region class provides basic functionlity for MultiRectArea objects to make logical operations  code | html
MultiRectAreaOp.Subtraction   Subtraction class provides subtraction of two MultiRectAre aobjects  code | html
MultiRectAreaOp.Union   Union class provides union of two MultiRectAre aobjects  code | html
Utils   This class includes widely useful static instances and methods.  code | html
XORComposite     code | html