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public interface: NativeWindow [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    LinuxWindow, ContentWindow, OGLOffscreenWindow, WinWindow

Provides cross-platform way to manipulate native window. Results of methods are reported through native messages.
Field Summary
static final  int BOUNDS_NOMOVE    Means only size should be changed 
static final  int BOUNDS_NOSIZE    Means only position should be changed 
Method from org.apache.harmony.awt.wtk.NativeWindow Summary:
dispose,   getBounds,   getId,   getInsets,   getObscuredRegion,   getScreenPos,   grabMouse,   isFocusable,   placeAfter,   setAlwaysOnTop,   setBounds,   setEnabled,   setFocus,   setFocusable,   setIMStyle,   setIconImage,   setMaximizedBounds,   setPacked,   setResizable,   setState,   setTitle,   setVisible,   toBack,   toFront,   ungrabMouse
Method from org.apache.harmony.awt.wtk.NativeWindow Detail:
 public  void dispose()
    Destroys the asscoiated window. Attempts to use it thereafter can result in unpredictable bechavior.
 public Rectangle getBounds()
    Returns last notified window bounds. This means the last bounds reported by system event.

    If child, position is relative to parent window.

 public long getId()
    Returns system id of the associated window
 public Insets getInsets()
    Returns last notified insets. This means the last insets reported by system event. Insets are margins around client area ocupied by system provided decor, ususally border and titlebar.
 public MultiRectArea getObscuredRegion(Rectangle part)
 public Point getScreenPos()
    Get absolute position on the screen
 public  void grabMouse()
    Activate the mouse event capturing
 public boolean isFocusable()
 public  void placeAfter(NativeWindow w)
    Changes window Z-order to place this window under, If w is null places places this window on the top. Z-order is per parent. Toplevels a children of desktop in terms of Z-order.
 public  void setAlwaysOnTop(boolean value)
    Makes window top-most if value is true, non-topmost(normal) otherwise.
 public  void setBounds(int x,
    int y,
    int w,
    int h,
    int boundsMask)
    Tries to set desired window bounds. It's not gurantied the property will have the desired value. The value change should be reported by system event (as for other properties).

    If child, position is relative to parent window.

 public  void setEnabled(boolean value)
    Enables/disables processing of input (key, mouse) event by window. If disabled input events are ignored.
 public boolean setFocus(boolean focus)
    Tries to set application input focus to the window or clear current focus from focused window.

    For toplevel windows it's not gurantied focus will land in desired window even if function returns true. Focus traversal should be tracked by processing system events.

 public  void setFocusable(boolean value)
    Sets the "focusable" window state.
 public  void setIMStyle()
    Make window an "input method window" by setting special window style, e. g. small title bar, no close, minimize/maximize buttons. For internal use by input method framework.
 public  void setIconImage(Image image)
    Set the image to be displayed in the minimized icon for top-level [decorated] window.
 public  void setMaximizedBounds(Rectangle bounds)
    Set desired [top-level] window bounds when being in maximized state. Fields set to Integer.MAX_VALUE are ignored[system-supplied values are used instead]
 public  void setPacked(boolean packed)
    Set a window "packed" flag: the flag indicates that if insets change client area shouldn't be resized, but frame must be resized instead
 public  void setResizable(boolean value)
    Makes the window resizable/not resizable by user
 public  void setState(int state)
    Set extended state for top-level window.
 public  void setTitle(String title)
    Sets the window caption
 public  void setVisible(boolean v)
    Shows/hides window
 public  void toBack()
    Places window on bottom of Z-order
 public  void toFront()
    Places window on top of Z-order
 public  void ungrabMouse()
    Deactivate mouse event capturing