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public interface: ConnectionReuseStrategy [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    DefaultConnectionReuseStrategy, NoConnectionReuseStrategy

Interface for deciding whether a connection can be re-used for subsequent requests and should be kept alive.
Method from org.apache.http.ConnectionReuseStrategy Summary:
Method from org.apache.http.ConnectionReuseStrategy Detail:
 public boolean keepAlive(HttpResponse response,
    HttpContext context)
    Decides whether a connection can be kept open after a request. If this method returns false, the caller MUST close the connection to correctly comply with the HTTP protocol. If it returns true, the caller SHOULD attempt to keep the connection open for reuse with another request.
    One can use the HTTP context to retrieve additional objects that may be relevant for the keep-alive strategy: the actual HTTP connection, the original HTTP request, target host if known, number of times the connection has been reused already and so on.
    If the connection is already closed, false is returned. The stale connection check MUST NOT be triggered by a connection reuse strategy.