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public interface: HttpClientConnection [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

All Known Implementing Classes:
    DefaultHttpProxyConnection, SocketHttpClientConnection, DefaultHttpClientConnection, AbstractHttpClientConnection, HttpProxyConnection

A client-side HTTP connection, which can be used for sending requests and receiving responses.
Method from org.apache.http.HttpClientConnection Summary:
flush,   isResponseAvailable,   receiveResponseEntity,   receiveResponseHeader,   sendRequestEntity,   sendRequestHeader
Method from org.apache.http.HttpClientConnection Detail:
 public  void flush() throws IOException
    Writes out all pending buffered data over the open connection.
 public boolean isResponseAvailable(int timeout) throws IOException
    Checks if response data is available from the connection. May wait for the specified time until some data becomes available. Note that some implementations may completely ignore the timeout parameter.
 public  void receiveResponseEntity(HttpResponse response) throws HttpException, IOException
    Receives the next response entity available from this connection and attaches it to an existing HttpResponse object.
 public HttpResponse receiveResponseHeader() throws HttpException, IOException
    Receives the request line and headers of the next response available from this connection. The caller should examine the HttpResponse object to find out if it should try to receive a response entity as well.
 public  void sendRequestEntity(HttpEntityEnclosingRequest request) throws HttpException, IOException
    Sends the request entity over the connection.
 public  void sendRequestHeader(HttpRequest request) throws HttpException, IOException
    Sends the request line and all headers over the connection.