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public final class: HttpVersion [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Cloneable

Represents an HTTP version. HTTP uses a "major.minor" numbering scheme to indicate versions of the protocol.

The version of an HTTP message is indicated by an HTTP-Version field in the first line of the message.

    HTTP-Version   = "HTTP" "/" 1*DIGIT "." 1*DIGIT
Field Summary
public static final  String HTTP    The protocol name. 
public static final  HttpVersion HTTP_0_9    HTTP protocol version 0.9 
public static final  HttpVersion HTTP_1_0    HTTP protocol version 1.0 
public static final  HttpVersion HTTP_1_1    HTTP protocol version 1.1 
Fields inherited from org.apache.http.ProtocolVersion:
protocol,  major,  minor
 public HttpVersion(int major,
    int minor) 
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Method from org.apache.http.HttpVersion Detail:
 public ProtocolVersion forVersion(int major,
    int minor) 
    Obtains a specific HTTP version.