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public class: HttpEntityWrapper [javadoc | source]

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Direct Known Subclasses:
    BufferedHttpEntity, GzipDecompressingEntity, GzipCompressingEntity, ConsumingNHttpEntityTemplate, NHttpEntityWrapper, BufferingNHttpEntity

Base class for wrapping entities. Keeps a wrappedEntity and delegates all calls to it. Implementations of wrapping entities can derive from this class and need to override only those methods that should not be delegated to the wrapped entity.
Field Summary
protected  HttpEntity wrappedEntity    The wrapped entity. 
 public HttpEntityWrapper(HttpEntity wrapped) 
    Creates a new entity wrapper.
    wrapped - the entity to wrap
Method from org.apache.http.entity.HttpEntityWrapper Summary:
consumeContent,   getContent,   getContentEncoding,   getContentLength,   getContentType,   isChunked,   isRepeatable,   isStreaming,   writeTo
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Method from org.apache.http.entity.HttpEntityWrapper Detail:
 public  void consumeContent() throws IOException 
 public InputStream getContent() throws IOException 
 public Header getContentEncoding() 
 public long getContentLength() 
 public Header getContentType() 
 public boolean isChunked() 
 public boolean isRepeatable() 
 public boolean isStreaming() 
 public  void writeTo(OutputStream outstream) throws IOException