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Package org.apache.http.entity

Interface Summary
ContentProducer An abstract entity content producer.
EntityDeserializer Generates entities when HTTP messages are received.
EntitySerializer Writes an entity when HTTP messages are sent.

Class Summary
AbstractHttpEntity Abstract base class for entities.
BasicHttpEntity A generic streamed entity being received on a connection.
BufferedHttpEntity A wrapping entity that buffers it content if necessary.
ByteArrayEntity A self-contained entity obtaining content from a byte array.
EntityTemplate Entity that delegates the process of content generation to an abstract content producer.
FileEntity A self-contained entity obtaining content from a file.
HttpEntityWrapper Base class for wrapping entities.
InputStreamEntity A streamed entity obtaining content from an InputStream.
StringEntity A self-contained entity obtaining content from a string.
TestAbstractHttpEntity Unit tests for AbstractHttpEntity.
TestBasicHttpEntity Unit tests for BasicHttpEntity.
TestBufferedHttpEntity Unit tests for WrappedEntity.
TestByteArrayEntity Unit tests for ByteArrayEntity.
TestFileEntity Unit tests for FileEntity.
TestHttpEntityWrapper Unit tests for WrappedEntity.
TestInputStreamEntity Unit tests for InputStreamEntity.
TestStringEntity Unit tests for StringEntity.