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org.apache.http.entity: Javadoc index of package org.apache.http.entity.

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HttpEntityWrapper: Base class for wrapping entities. Keeps a wrappedEntity 55 and delegates all calls to it. Implementations of wrapping entities can derive from this class and need to override only those methods that should not be delegated to the wrapped entity.
BufferedHttpEntity: A wrapping entity that buffers it content if necessary. The buffered entity is always repeatable. If the wrapped entity is repeatable itself, calls are passed through. If the wrapped entity is not repeatable, the content is read into a buffer once and provided from there as often as required.
AbstractHttpEntity: Abstract base class for entities. Provides the commonly used attributes for streamed and self-contained implementations of HttpEntity .
TestAbstractHttpEntity: Unit tests for AbstractHttpEntity .
TestInputStreamEntity: Unit tests for InputStreamEntity .
TestBasicHttpEntity: Unit tests for BasicHttpEntity .
TestByteArrayEntity: Unit tests for ByteArrayEntity .
TestStringEntity: Unit tests for StringEntity .
TestFileEntity: Unit tests for FileEntity .
ContentProducer: An abstract entity content producer. Content producers are expected to be able to produce their content multiple times
InputStreamEntity: A streamed entity obtaining content from an InputStream .
EntityTemplate: Entity that delegates the process of content generation to an abstract content producer.
ByteArrayEntity: A self-contained entity obtaining content from a byte array.
BasicHttpEntity: A generic streamed entity being received on a connection.
StringEntity: A self-contained entity obtaining content from a string.
FileEntity: A self-contained entity obtaining content from a file.
EntityDeserializer: Generates entities when HTTP messages are received.
EntitySerializer: Writes an entity when HTTP messages are sent.
TestBufferedHttpEntity: Unit tests for WrappedEntity .
TestHttpEntityWrapper: Unit tests for WrappedEntity .

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