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public class: DefaultHttpParams [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, HttpParams

This class represents a collection of HTTP protocol parameters. Protocol parameters may be linked together to form a hierarchy. If a particular parameter value has not been explicitly defined in the collection itself, its value will be drawn from the parent collection of parameters.
Field Summary
static final  long serialVersionUID     
 public DefaultHttpParams() 
 public DefaultHttpParams(HttpParams defaults) 
    Creates a new collection of parameters with the given parent. The collection will defer to its parent for a default value if a particular parameter is not explicitly set in the collection itself.
    defaults - the parent collection to defer to, if a parameter is not explictly set in the collection itself.
Method from org.apache.http.impl.DefaultHttpParams Summary:
clear,   getBooleanParameter,   getDefaults,   getDoubleParameter,   getIntParameter,   getLongParameter,   getParameter,   isParameterFalse,   isParameterSet,   isParameterSetLocally,   isParameterTrue,   setBooleanParameter,   setDefaults,   setDoubleParameter,   setIntParameter,   setLongParameter,   setParameter,   setParameters
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Method from org.apache.http.impl.DefaultHttpParams Detail:
 public  void clear() 
    Removes all parameters from this collection.
 public boolean getBooleanParameter(String name,
    boolean defaultValue) 
 public synchronized HttpParams getDefaults() 
 public double getDoubleParameter(String name,
    double defaultValue) 
 public int getIntParameter(String name,
    int defaultValue) 
 public long getLongParameter(String name,
    long defaultValue) 
 public synchronized Object getParameter(String name) 
 public boolean isParameterFalse(String name) 
 public boolean isParameterSet(String name) 
 public boolean isParameterSetLocally(String name) 
 public boolean isParameterTrue(String name) 
 public HttpParams setBooleanParameter(String name,
    boolean value) 
 public synchronized  void setDefaults(HttpParams params) 
 public HttpParams setDoubleParameter(String name,
    double value) 
 public HttpParams setIntParameter(String name,
    int value) 
 public HttpParams setLongParameter(String name,
    long value) 
 public synchronized HttpParams setParameter(String name,
    Object value) 
 public synchronized  void setParameters(String[] names,
    Object value) 
    Assigns the value to all the parameter with the given names