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org.apache.http.impl.entity: Javadoc index of package org.apache.http.impl.entity.

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org.apache.http.impl.entity: Default implementations for interfaces in org.apache.http.  


DefaultEntityDeserializer: Default implementation of an entity generator. This entity generator comforms to the entity transfer rules outlined in the Section 4.4 , Section 3.6 , Section 14.41 and Section 14.13 of RFC 2616 4.4 Message Length The transfer-length of a message is the length of the message-body as it appears in the message; that is, after any transfer-codings have been applied. When a message-body is included with a message, the transfer-length of that body is determined by one of the following (in order of precedence): 1.Any response message which "MUST NOT" include a message-body (such as the 1xx, 204, and ...
DefaultEntitySerializer: Default implementation of an entity writer on the client side.

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