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EofSensor   EOF sensor.  code | html
HttpDataReceiver   Interface for receiving data.  code | html
HttpDataReceiverFactory   Factory for HttpDataReceiver objects.  code | html
HttpDataTransmitter   Interface for sending data.  code | html
HttpDataTransmitterFactory   Factory for HttpDataTransmitter objects.  code | html
HttpMessageParser   Abstract message parser intended to build HTTP messages from an arbitrary data source.  code | html
HttpMessageWriter   Abstract message writer intended to serialize HTTP messages to an arbitrary data sink.  code | html
HttpTransportMetrics   The point of access to the statistics of SessionInputBuffer or SessionOutputBuffer code | html
SecureSocketFactory   A SocketFactory for secure sockets (SSL/TLS).  code | html
SessionInputBuffer   Session input buffer for blocking connections.  code | html
SessionOutputBuffer   Session output buffer for blocking connections.  code | html
SocketFactory   A factory for creating Sockets.  code | html


ByteArrayBuffer   A resizable byte array.  code | html
CharArrayBuffer   A resizable char array.  code | html

This class implements chunked transfer coding as described in the Section 3.6.1 of RFC 2616

code | html

This class implements chunked transfer coding as described in the Section 3.6.1 of RFC 2616

code | html

This class cuts the wrapped InputStream off after a specified number of bytes. 

code | html
ContentLengthOutputStream   A stream wrapper that closes itself after a defined number of bytes.  code | html
HttpDataInputStream   A stream for reading from a HttpDataReceiver code | html
HttpDataOutputStream   A stream for writing to a HttpDataTransmitter code | html
IdentityOutputStream   A stream for writing with an "identity" transport encoding.  code | html
MalformedChunkCodingException   Signals a malformed chunked stream.  code | html

All Test Cases:

TestAllIO     code | html
TestByteArrayBuffer   Unit tests for ByteArrayBuffer code | html
TestCharArrayBuffer   Unit tests for CharArrayBuffer code | html
TestChunkCoding     code | html
TestContentLengthInputStream     code | html
TestContentLengthOutputStream     code | html
TestHttpDataInputStream   Simple tests for HttpDataInputStream code | html
TestHttpDataOutputStream   Simple tests for HttpDataOutputStream code | html
TestIdentityOutputStream     code | html