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public final class: BasicHttpProcessor [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    Cloneable, HttpProcessor, HttpResponseInterceptorList, HttpRequestInterceptorList

Default implementation of HttpProcessor .

Please note access to the internal structures of this class is not synchronized and therefore this class may be thread-unsafe.

Field Summary
protected final  List requestInterceptors     
protected final  List responseInterceptors     
Method from org.apache.http.protocol.BasicHttpProcessor Summary:
addInterceptor,   addInterceptor,   addInterceptor,   addInterceptor,   addRequestInterceptor,   addRequestInterceptor,   addResponseInterceptor,   addResponseInterceptor,   clearInterceptors,   clearRequestInterceptors,   clearResponseInterceptors,   clone,   copy,   copyInterceptors,   getRequestInterceptor,   getRequestInterceptorCount,   getResponseInterceptor,   getResponseInterceptorCount,   process,   process,   removeRequestInterceptorByClass,   removeResponseInterceptorByClass,   setInterceptors
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Method from org.apache.http.protocol.BasicHttpProcessor Detail:
 public final  void addInterceptor(HttpRequestInterceptor interceptor) 
 public final  void addInterceptor(HttpResponseInterceptor interceptor) 
 public final  void addInterceptor(HttpRequestInterceptor interceptor,
    int index) 
 public final  void addInterceptor(HttpResponseInterceptor interceptor,
    int index) 
 public  void addRequestInterceptor(HttpRequestInterceptor itcp) 
 public  void addRequestInterceptor(HttpRequestInterceptor itcp,
    int index) 
 public  void addResponseInterceptor(HttpResponseInterceptor itcp) 
 public  void addResponseInterceptor(HttpResponseInterceptor itcp,
    int index) 
 public  void clearInterceptors() 
    Clears both interceptor lists maintained by this processor.
 public  void clearRequestInterceptors() 
 public  void clearResponseInterceptors() 
 public Object clone() throws CloneNotSupportedException 
 public BasicHttpProcessor copy() 
    Creates a copy of this instance
 protected  void copyInterceptors(BasicHttpProcessor target) 
    Sets up the target to have the same list of interceptors as the current instance.
 public HttpRequestInterceptor getRequestInterceptor(int index) 
 public int getRequestInterceptorCount() 
 public HttpResponseInterceptor getResponseInterceptor(int index) 
 public int getResponseInterceptorCount() 
 public  void process(HttpRequest request,
    HttpContext context) throws IOException, HttpException 
 public  void process(HttpResponse response,
    HttpContext context) throws IOException, HttpException 
 public  void removeRequestInterceptorByClass(Class clazz) 
 public  void removeResponseInterceptorByClass(Class clazz) 
 public  void setInterceptors(List list) 
    Sets the interceptor lists. First, both interceptor lists maintained by this processor will be cleared. Subsequently, elements of the argument list that are request interceptors will be added to the request interceptor list. Elements that are response interceptors will be added to the response interceptor list. Elements that are both request and response interceptor will be added to both lists. Elements that are neither request nor response interceptor will be ignored.