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Package org.apache.http.protocol

Interface Summary
HttpContext A context for executing a request.
HttpRequestRetryHandler A handler for determining if an HttpRequest should be retried after a recoverable exception during execution.

Class Summary
AbstractHttpProcessor Keeps lists of interceptors for processing requests and responses.
GeneratedHeader Header automatically generated by a request or response interceptor.
HTTP Constants and static helpers related to the HTTP protocol.
HttpDateGenerator Generates a date in the format required by the HTTP protocol.
HttpExecutionContext Default implementation of the HttpContext.
HttpRequestExecutor Sends HTTP requests and receives the responses.
HttpService Minimalistic server-side implementation of an HTTP processor.
RequestConnControl A request interceptor that suggests connection keep-alive to the server.
RequestContent A request interceptor that decides about the transport encoding.
RequestExpectContinue A request interceptor that enables the expect-continue handshake.
RequestTargetHost A request interceptor that sets the Host header for HTTP/1.1 requests.
RequestUserAgent A request interceptor that adds a User-Agent header.
ResponseConnControl A response interceptor that suggests connection keep-alive to the client.
ResponseContent A response interceptor that sets up entity-related headers.
ResponseDate A response interceptor that adds a Date header.
ResponseServer A response interceptor that adds a Server header.