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org.apache.http.protocol: Javadoc index of package org.apache.http.protocol.

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HttpContext: A context for executing a request. The context is used to tie together the request, the response, and optional application data. It is also used for internal data. Attribute names starting with the prefix "http." are reserved 55 for internal data.
HttpRequestRetryHandler: A handler for determining if an HttpRequest should be retried after a recoverable exception during execution. Classes implementing this interface must synchronize access to shared data as methods of this interfrace may be executed from multiple threads
HttpExecutionContext: Default implementation of the HttpContext .
HttpRequestExecutor: Sends HTTP requests and receives the responses. Takes care of request preprocessing and response postprocessing by the respective interceptors.
ResponseConnControl: A response interceptor that suggests connection keep-alive to the client. For use on the server side.
ResponseContent: A response interceptor that sets up entity-related headers. For use on the server side.
ResponseServer: A response interceptor that adds a Server header. For use on the server side.
ResponseDate: A response interceptor that adds a Date header. For use on the server side.
RequestConnControl: A request interceptor that suggests connection keep-alive to the server.
RequestTargetHost: A request interceptor that sets the Host header for HTTP/1.1 requests.
GeneratedHeader: Header automatically generated by a request or response interceptor.
AbstractHttpProcessor: Keeps lists of interceptors for processing requests and responses.
RequestExpectContinue: A request interceptor that enables the expect-continue handshake.
RequestContent: A request interceptor that decides about the transport encoding.
HttpDateGenerator: Generates a date in the format required by the HTTP protocol.
HttpService: Minimalistic server-side implementation of an HTTP processor.
HTTP: Constants and static helpers related to the HTTP protocol.
RequestUserAgent: A request interceptor that adds a User-Agent header.

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