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org.apache.http.util: Javadoc index of package org.apache.http.util.

Package Samples:

org.apache.http.util: The core interfaces and classes of the HTTP components.  


DateUtils: A utility class for parsing and formatting HTTP dates as used in cookies and other headers. This class handles dates as defined by RFC 2616 section 3.3.1 as well as some other common non-standard formats.
LangUtils: A set of utility methods to help produce consistent equals 55 and hashCode 55 methods.
TestExceptionUtils: Unit tests for TestExceptionUtils .
TestEncodingUtils: Unit tests for TestEncodingUtils .
TestEntityUtils: Unit tests for EntityUtils .
TestDateUtils: Unit tests for DateUtils .
EntityUtils: Static helpers for dealing with entities .
TestHeaderUtils: Unit tests for org.apache.http.Header .
ExceptionUtils: The home for utility methods that handle various exception-related tasks.
EncodingUtils: The home for utility methods that handle various encoding tasks.
DateParseException: An exception to indicate an error parsing a date string.
HeaderUtils: A utility class for processing HTTP headers.
TestLangUtils: Unit tests for LangUtil .

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