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public class: JspServletWrapper [javadoc | source]
The JSP engine (a.k.a Jasper). The servlet container is responsible for providing a URLClassLoader for the web application context Jasper is being used in. Jasper will try get the Tomcat ServletContext attribute for its ServletContext class loader, if that fails, it uses the parent class loader. In either case, it must be a URLClassLoader.
 public JspServletWrapper(ServletConfig config,
    Options options,
    String jspUri,
    boolean isErrorPage,
    JspRuntimeContext rctxt) throws JasperException 
 public JspServletWrapper(ServletContext servletContext,
    Options options,
    String tagFilePath,
    TagInfo tagInfo,
    JspRuntimeContext rctxt,
    URL tagFileJarUrl) throws JasperException 
Method from org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServletWrapper Summary:
decTripCount,   destroy,   getDependants,   getJspEngineContext,   getLastModificationTest,   getServlet,   getServletContext,   handleJspException,   incTripCount,   isTagFile,   loadTagFile,   loadTagFilePrototype,   service,   setCompilationException,   setLastModificationTest,   setReload,   setServletClassLastModifiedTime
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Method from org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServletWrapper Detail:
 public int decTripCount() 
 public  void destroy() 
 public List getDependants() 
    Get a list of files that the current page has source dependency on.
 public JspCompilationContext getJspEngineContext() 
 public long getLastModificationTest() 
 public Servlet getServlet() throws ServletException, IOException, FileNotFoundException 
 public ServletContext getServletContext() 
 protected JasperException handleJspException(Exception ex) 

    Attempts to construct a JasperException that contains helpful information about what went wrong. Uses the JSP compiler system to translate the line number in the generated servlet that originated the exception to a line number in the JSP. Then constructs an exception containing that information, and a snippet of the JSP to help debugging. Please see http://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=37062 and http://www.tfenne.com/jasper/ for more details.

 public int incTripCount() 
 public boolean isTagFile() 
 public Class loadTagFile() throws JasperException 
    Compile (if needed) and load a tag file
 public Class loadTagFilePrototype() throws JasperException 
    Compile and load a prototype for the Tag file. This is needed when compiling tag files with circular dependencies. A prototpe (skeleton) with no dependencies on other other tag files is generated and compiled.
 public  void service(HttpServletRequest request,
    HttpServletResponse response,
    boolean precompile) throws ServletException, IOException, FileNotFoundException 
 public  void setCompilationException(JasperException je) 
    Sets the compilation exception for this JspServletWrapper.
 public  void setLastModificationTest(long lastModificationTest) 
 public  void setReload(boolean reload) 
 public  void setServletClassLastModifiedTime(long lastModified) 
    Sets the last-modified time of the servlet class file associated with this JspServletWrapper.