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AjpConstants   Common class for the AJP Protocol values  code | html
AprAcceptor     code | html
AprConnection     code | html
ChannelJni   Pass messages using jni  code | html
ChannelNioSocket   Accept ( and send ) TCP messages.  code | html
ChannelNioSocket.Poller     code | html
ChannelNioSocket.SocketConnection     code | html
ChannelNioSocket.SocketInputStream     code | html
ChannelNioSocket.SocketOutputStream     code | html
ChannelShm   Channel using shm.  code | html
ChannelSocket   Accept ( and send ) TCP messages.  code | html
ChannelSocket.SocketAcceptor     code | html
ChannelSocket.SocketConnection     code | html
ChannelUn   Pass messages using unix domain sockets.  code | html
HandlerDispatch   Dispatch based on the message type.  code | html
HandlerRequest   Handle messages related with basic request information.  code | html
JkInputStream   Generic input stream impl on top of ajp  code | html
JkMX   Load the HTTP or RMI adapters for MX4J and JMXRI.  code | html
JniHandler   Base class for components using native code ( libjkjni.so ).  code | html
ModJkMX   A small mbean that will act as a proxy for mod_jk2.  code | html
ModJkMX.MBeanProxy   Use the same metadata, except that we replace the attribute get/set methods.  code | html
MsgAjp   A single packet for communication between the web server and the container.  code | html
Shm   Handle the shared memory objects.  code | html
Shm14   Shm implementation using JDK1.4 nio.  code | html
WorkerDummy   A dummy worker, will just send back a dummy response.  code | html