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public interface: JkChannel [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    ChannelSocket, ChannelJni, ChannelNioSocket, ChannelUn

A Channel represents a connection point to the outside world.
Method from org.apache.jk.core.JkChannel Summary:
createMsgContext,   flush,   getChannelName,   invoke,   isSameAddress,   receive,   registerRequest,   send
Method from org.apache.jk.core.JkChannel Detail:
 public MsgContext createMsgContext()
    Create a new request endpoint.
 public int flush(Msg msg,
    MsgContext ep) throws IOException
    Flush the data to the client.
 public String getChannelName()
    Return the identifying name of this Channel.
 public int invoke(Msg msg,
    MsgContext ep) throws IOException
    Invoke the request chain.
 public boolean isSameAddress(MsgContext ep)
    Confirm that a shutdown request was recieved form us.
 public int receive(Msg msg,
    MsgContext ep) throws IOException
    Recieve a message from the client.
 public  void registerRequest(Request req,
    MsgContext ep,
    int count)
    Register a new Request in the Request pool.
 public int send(Msg msg,
    MsgContext ep) throws IOException
    Send a message back to the client.