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public class: MsgContext [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Field Summary
public static final  int TIMER_RECEIVED     
public static final  int TIMER_PRE_REQUEST     
public static final  int TIMER_POST_REQUEST     
public static final  int JK_STATUS_NEW     
public static final  int JK_STATUS_HEAD     
public static final  int JK_STATUS_CLOSED     
public static final  int JK_STATUS_ERROR     
 public MsgContext() 
     public MsgContext(int bsize) 
    Method from org.apache.jk.core.MsgContext Summary:
    action,   execute,   getBuffer,   getControl,   getConverter,   getInputStream,   getJniContext,   getJniEnv,   getLong,   getMsg,   getNext,   getNote,   getRequest,   getSource,   getStatus,   getType,   getWorkerEnv,   isLogTimeEnabled,   recycle,   setControl,   setConverter,   setJniContext,   setJniEnv,   setLong,   setMsg,   setNext,   setNote,   setRequest,   setSource,   setStatus,   setType,   setWorkerEnv
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    Method from org.apache.jk.core.MsgContext Detail:
     public  void action(ActionCode actionCode,
        Object param) 
     public int execute() throws IOException 
      Invoke a java hook. The xEnv is the representation of the current execution environment ( the jni_env_t * )
     public byte[] getBuffer(int id) 
      Each context contains a number of byte[] buffers used for communication. The C side will contain a char * equivalent - both buffers are long-lived and recycled. This will be called at init time. A long-lived global reference to the byte[] will be stored in the C context.
     public Object getControl() 
     public final C2BConverter getConverter() 
     public JkInputStream getInputStream() 
     public long getJniContext() 
     public long getJniEnv() 
     public final long getLong(int i) 
     public final Msg getMsg(int i) 
      The context may store a number of messages ( buffers + marshalling )
     public final JkHandler getNext() 
     public final Object getNote(int id) 
     public final Request getRequest() 
     public final JkChannel getSource() 
     public final int getStatus() 
     public final int getType() 
      The id of the chain
     public final WorkerEnv getWorkerEnv() 
     public final boolean isLogTimeEnabled() 
     public  void recycle() 
     public  void setControl(Object control) 
     public final  void setConverter(C2BConverter c2b) 
     public  void setJniContext(long cContext) 
      The long-lived JNI context associated with this java context. The 2 share pointers to buffers and cache data to avoid expensive jni calls.
     public  void setJniEnv(long xEnvP) 
      Store native execution context data when this handler is called from JNI. This will change on each call, represent temproary call data.
     public final  void setLong(int i,
        long l) 
     public final  void setMsg(int i,
        Msg msg) 
     public final  void setNext(JkHandler ch) 
     public final  void setNote(int id,
        Object o) 
     public final  void setRequest(Request req) 
      The high level request object associated with this context
     public final  void setSource(JkChannel ch) 
     public final  void setStatus(int s) 
     public final  void setType(int i) 
     public final  void setWorkerEnv(WorkerEnv we)