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public class: ScheduleDay [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Comparable

This class represents one day in the schedule component

 public ScheduleDay(Date date) 
    Creates a new ScheduleDay object.
    date - the date
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addEntry,   clear,   getFirstEventHour,   getLastEventHour,   isEmpty,   iterator,   remove,   size
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compareTo,   equals,   equalsDate,   getDate,   getDayEnd,   getDayStart,   getSpecialDayName,   hashCode,   isWorkingDay,   setSpecialDayName,   setWorkingDay
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Method from org.apache.myfaces.custom.schedule.model.ScheduleDay Detail:
 public boolean addEntry(ScheduleEntry entry) 

    Add an entry to this day

 public  void clear() 

    Remove all entries from this day

 public int getFirstEventHour() 
    Get the inclusive hour in which the first event on this day starts. All day events are not included, as their start time is implicit.
 public int getLastEventHour() 
    Get the non-inclusive hour by which all events on this day have completed. All day events are not included, as their end time is implicit.
 public boolean isEmpty() 
 public Iterator iterator() 
 public boolean remove(ScheduleEntry entry) 

    Remove an entry from this day

 public int size()