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Uses of Class

Uses of RequestProcessor in org.apache.struts.action

Subclasses of RequestProcessor in org.apache.struts.action
 class SecureRequestProcessor
 class SecureTilesRequestProcessor

Fields in org.apache.struts.action declared as RequestProcessor
protected  RequestProcessor ActionServlet.processor
          The RequestProcessor instance we will use to process all incoming requests.

Methods in org.apache.struts.action that return RequestProcessor
protected  RequestProcessor ActionServlet.getRequestProcessor(org.apache.struts.config.ModuleConfig config)
          Look up and return the RequestProcessor responsible for the specified module, creating a new one if necessary.
private  RequestProcessor ActionServlet.getProcessorForModule(org.apache.struts.config.ModuleConfig config)
          Returns the RequestProcessor for the given module or null if one does not exist.

Uses of RequestProcessor in org.apache.struts.tiles

Subclasses of RequestProcessor in org.apache.struts.tiles
 class org.apache.struts.tiles.TilesRequestProcessor
          RequestProcessor contains the processing logic that the Struts controller servlet performs as it receives each servlet request from the container.