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public class: RedeployableActionServlet [javadoc | source]

WebLogic (at least v6 and v7) attempts to serialize the TilesRequestProcessor when re-deploying the Webapp in development mode. The TilesRequestProcessor is not serializable, and loses the Tiles definitions. This results in NullPointerException and/or NotSerializableException when using the app after automatic redeploy.

This bug report proposes a workaround for this problem, in the hope it will help others and maybe motivate an actual fix.

The attached class extends the Struts Action servlet and fixes the problem by reloading the Tiles definitions when they have disappeared.

For background discussion see http://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=26322

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Method from org.apache.struts.actions.RedeployableActionServlet Detail:
 protected synchronized RequestProcessor getRequestProcessor(ModuleConfig config) throws ServletException