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Package org.apache.struts.chain.legacy

Class Summary
CatalogConfiguratorPlugIn CatalogConfiguratorPlugIn parses the configuration resource specified by the path or resource property to configure the default org.apache.commons.chain.Catalog registered with the org.apache.commons.chain.CatalogFactory for this application.
ChainAction An Action implementation that delegates to a configured Chain (or Command) for performing the actual business logic related to a request.
ComposableRequestProcessor ComposableRequestProcessor uses the Chain Of Resposibility design pattern (as implemented by the commons-chain package in Jakarta Commons) to support external configuration of command chains to be used.
DispatchAction An Action implementation that delegates to a Chain (or Command) that is specified by a request parameter whose name is configured in the parameter attribute of the <action> element configuring this action.
TilesPlugin Permissive version of TilesPlugin which doesn't mess with processor class.