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public class: ComposableRequestProcessor [javadoc | source]

ComposableRequestProcessor uses the Chain Of Resposibility design pattern (as implemented by the commons-chain package in Jakarta Commons) to support external configuration of command chains to be used. It is configured via the following context initialization parameters:

Field Summary
protected  Catalog catalog   

The Catalog containing all of the available command chains for this module. 

protected  Command command   

The Command to be executed for each request.

protected static final  Log log   

The Log instance for this class.

Method from org.apache.struts.chain.legacy.ComposableRequestProcessor Summary:
destroy,   init,   process,   processMultipart
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Method from org.apache.struts.chain.legacy.ComposableRequestProcessor Detail:
 public  void destroy() 
    Clean up in preparation for a shutdown of this application.
 public  void init(ActionServlet servlet,
    ModuleConfig moduleConfig) throws ServletException 

    Initialize this request processor instance.

 public  void process(HttpServletRequest request,
    HttpServletResponse response) throws IOException, ServletException 

    Process an HttpServletRequest and create the corresponding HttpServletResponse.

 protected HttpServletRequest processMultipart(HttpServletRequest request) 
    If this is a multipart request, wrap it with a special wrapper. Otherwise, return the request unchanged.