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public class: DataSourceConfig [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

A JavaBean representing the configuration information of a <data-source> element from a Struts configuration file.

WARNING - The properties of this configuration bean are recognized by the default data source implementation, but some or all of them may be ignored by custom data source implementations.

Field Summary
protected  boolean configured    Has this component been completely configured? 
protected  String key    The servlet context attribute key under which this data source is stored and made available. 
protected  HashMap properties    The custom configuration properties for this data source implementation. 
protected  String type    The fully qualified class name of the javax.sql.DataSource implementation class. 
Method from org.apache.struts.config.DataSourceConfig Summary:
addProperty,   freeze,   getKey,   getProperties,   getType,   setKey,   setType,   toString
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clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from org.apache.struts.config.DataSourceConfig Detail:
 public  void addProperty(String name,
    String value) 
    Add a new custom configuration property.
 public  void freeze() 
    Freeze the configuration of this data source.
 public String getKey() 
 public Map getProperties() 
 public String getType() 
 public  void setKey(String key) 
 public  void setType(String type) 
 public String toString() 
    Return a String representation of this object.