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MemoryDatabasePlugIn: MemoryDatabasePlugIn initializes and finalizes the persistent storage of User and Subscription information for the Struts Demonstration Application, using an in-memory database backed by an XML file. IMPLEMENTATION WARNING - If this web application is run from a WAR file, or in another environment where reading and writing of the web application resource is impossible, the initial contents will be copied to a file in the web application temporary directory provided by the container. This is for demonstration purposes only - you should NOT assume that files written here will survive a restart of ...
UserDatabase: A Data Access Object (DAO) interface describing the available operations for retrieving and storing User s (and their associated Subscription s) in some persistence layer whose characteristics are not specified here. One or more implementations will be created to perform the actual I/O that is required.
User: A User which is stored, along with his or her associated Subscription s, in a UserDatabase .
Subscription: A Subscription which is stored, along with the associated User , in a UserDatabase .
MemorySubscription: Concrete implementation of org.apache.struts.examples.mailreader.Subscription for an in-memory database backed by an XML data file.
MemoryUserDatabase: Concrete implementation of org.apache.struts.examples.mailreader.UserDatabase for an in-memory database backed by an XML data file.
MemoryUser: Concrete implementation of org.apache.struts.examples.mailreader.User for an in-memory database backed by an XML data file.
ExpiredPasswordException: Example of an application-specific exception for which a handler can be configured.
MemorySubscriptionCreationFactory: Digester object creation factory for subscription instances.
Constants: Manifest constants for the example application database.
MemoryUserCreationFactory: Digester object creation factory for user instances.

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