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org.apache.struts.faces.util: Javadoc index of package org.apache.struts.faces.util.

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MessagesMap: A limited immutable Map implementation that wraps the MessageResources instance for the specified Locale . Exposing the messages as a Map makes them easily accessible via value binding expressions, as well as JSP 2.0 expression language expressions.
StrutsContext: Context bean providing accessors for the Struts related request, session, and application scope objects reated to this request. Note that this bean's methods will trigger exceptions unless there is a FacesContext instance for this request.
HttpServletRequestWrapper: Concrete implementation of HttpServletRequest that that wrapps the ServletPath with an URI, that was detected by ActionServlet to forward to a standard FacesServlet .
MessagesMapTestCase: Unit tests for MessagesMap .

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