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Package org.apache.struts.taglib.nested

Interface Summary
NestedNameSupport This is so that managing classes can tell if a nested tag needs to have its name property set.
NestedParentSupport This interface is so managing classes of the nested tag can identify a tag as a parent tag that other tags retrieve nested properties from.
NestedPropertySupport This interface is for managing classes of the nested extension, so they can know to set the tag's property property.
NestedTagSupport This is to simply allow managing classes to identify the tags to invoke common methods against them.

Class Summary
NestedPropertyHelper A simple helper class that does everything that needs to be done to get the nested tag extension to work.
NestedPropertyTag NestedPropertyTag.
NestedReference So that a nested hierarchy can penetrate a dynamic JSP include, this class will hold the details of a bean name and nested property.
NestedRootTag NestedRootTag.
NestedWriteNestingTag NestedWriteNestingTag.
NestedWriteNestingTei NestedWriteNestingTei This class will allow the nested:writeNesting tag to actually do what the doc says and make a scripting variable as an option (when "id" is supplied).