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public class: TilesPlugin [javadoc | source]

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Tiles Plugin used to initialize Tiles. This plugin is to be used with Struts 1.1 in association with TilesRequestProcessor .
This plugin creates one definition factory for each Struts-module. The definition factory configuration is read first from 'web.xml' (backward compatibility), then it is overloaded with values found in the plugin property values.
The plugin changes the Struts configuration by specifying a TilesRequestProcessor as request processor. If you want to use your own RequestProcessor, it should subclass TilesRequestProcessor.
This plugin can also be used to create one single factory for all modules. This behavior is enabled by specifying moduleAware=false in each plugin properties. In this case, the definition factory configuration file is read by the first Tiles plugin to be initialized. The order is determined by the order of modules declaration in web.xml. The first module is always the default one if it exists. The plugin should be declared in each struts-config.xml file in order to properly initialize the request processor.
Field Summary
protected static  Log log    Commons Logging instance. 
protected  boolean moduleAware    Is the factory module aware? 
protected  String tilesUtilImplClassname    Tiles util implementation classname. This property can be set by user in the plugin declaration. 
protected  DefinitionsFactory definitionFactory    Associated definition factory. 
protected  PlugInConfig currentPlugInConfigObject    The plugin config object provided by the ActionServlet initializing this plugin. 
Method from org.apache.struts.tiles.TilesPlugin Summary:
destroy,   findStrutsPlugInConfigProperties,   getTilesUtilImplClassname,   init,   initRequestProcessorClass,   isModuleAware,   readFactoryConfig,   setCurrentPlugInConfigObject,   setModuleAware,   setTilesUtilImplClassname
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Method from org.apache.struts.tiles.TilesPlugin Detail:
 public  void destroy() 
    End plugin.
 protected Map findStrutsPlugInConfigProperties(ActionServlet servlet,
    ModuleConfig config) throws ServletException 
    Find original properties set in the Struts PlugInConfig object. First, we need to find the index of this plugin. Then we retrieve the array of configs and then the object for this plugin.
 public String getTilesUtilImplClassname() 
    Get Tiles util implemention classname.
 public  void init(ActionServlet servlet,
    ModuleConfig moduleConfig) throws ServletException 

    Receive notification that the specified module is being started up.

 protected  void initRequestProcessorClass(ModuleConfig config) throws ServletException 
    Set RequestProcessor to appropriate Tiles RequestProcessor . First, check if a RequestProcessor is specified. If yes, check if it extends the appropriate TilesRequestProcessor class. If not, set processor class to TilesRequestProcessor.
 public boolean isModuleAware() 
    Get the module aware flag.
 protected DefinitionsFactoryConfig readFactoryConfig(ActionServlet servlet,
    ModuleConfig config) throws ServletException 
    Create FactoryConfig and initialize it from web.xml and struts-config.xml.
 public  void setCurrentPlugInConfigObject(PlugInConfig plugInConfigObject) 
    Method used by the ActionServlet initializing this plugin. Set the plugin config object read from module config.
 public  void setModuleAware(boolean moduleAware) 
    Set the module aware flag. This flag is only meaningful if the property tilesUtilImplClassname is not set.
 public  void setTilesUtilImplClassname(String tilesUtilImplClassname) 
    Set Tiles util implemention classname. If this property is set, the flag moduleAware will not be used anymore.