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public class: DefinitionDispatcherAction [javadoc | source]

An Action that dispatches to a Tiles Definition that is named by the request parameter whose name is specified by the parameter property of the corresponding ActionMapping. This action is useful in following situations:

  • To configure the use of this action in your struts-config.xml file, create an entry like this:

    <action path="/saveSubscription" type="org.apache.struts.tiles.actions.DefinitionDispatcherAction" parameter="def"/> <forward name="success" path="anything" //> <forward name="error" path="path.to.error.page" //>

    which will use the value of the request parameter named "def" to pick the appropriate definition name.

    The value for success doesn't matter. The forward will forward to appropriate definition.

    The value for error should denote a valid jsp path or definition name.

    Field Summary
    protected static  Log log    Commons Logging instance. 
    Method from org.apache.struts.tiles.actions.DefinitionDispatcherAction Summary:
    execute,   printError
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    Method from org.apache.struts.tiles.actions.DefinitionDispatcherAction Detail:
     public ActionForward execute(ActionMapping mapping,
        ActionForm form,
        HttpServletRequest request,
        HttpServletResponse response) throws Exception 
      Process the specified HTTP request, and create the corresponding HTTP response (or forward to another web component that will create it), with provision for handling exceptions thrown by the business logic.
     protected  void printError(HttpServletResponse response,
        String msg) throws IOException 
    Deprecated! This - will be removed after Struts 1.2.