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Sub Packages:

org.apache.struts.tiles.taglib   The "struts-tiles" tag library contains tags that are useful in creating dynamic reusable components.  
org.apache.struts.tiles.xmlDefinition   The Tiles taglib and framework allows building web pages by assembling reusable pieces of pages, called Tiles.  


AttributeDefinition   Attribute definition used in a component definition.  code | html
ComponentDefinitionsFactory   Component repository interface.  code | html
Controller   A controller is a piece of code called before rendering a jsp page.  code | html
DefinitionsFactory   Tiles Definition factory.  code | html


ActionController   Struts wrapper implementation of Controller.  code | html
ComponentContext   Component context.  code | html
ComponentDefinition   Definition of a template / component attributes.  code | html
ControllerSupport   Basic implementation of Controller.  code | html

Test I18nFactorySet.

code | html
DefinitionAttribute   Attribute representing a Component Definition.  code | html
DefinitionNameAttribute   Component attribute.  code | html
DefinitionsFactoryConfig   A TilesFactoryConfig object hold configuration attributes for a tile definition factory.  code | html
DefinitionsFactoryException   Exception thrown when an error occurs while the factory tries to create a new instance mapper.  code | html
DefinitionsUtil   Utilities class for definitions factory.  code | html
DefinitionsUtil.ServletPropertiesMap   Inner class.  code | html
DirectStringAttribute   Component attribute.  code | html
FactoryNotFoundException   Exception thrown when definitions factory is not found.  code | html
NoSuchDefinitionException   Exception thrown when a definition is not found.  code | html
PathAttribute   Component attribute.  code | html

WebLogic (at least v6 and v7) attempts to serialize the TilesRequestProcessor when re-deploying the Webapp in development mode. 

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Unit tests for org.apache.struts.tiles.*.

code | html
TilesException   Root class for all Tiles-exceptions.  code | html
TilesPlugin   Tiles Plugin used to initialize Tiles.  code | html

RequestProcessor contains the processing logic that the Struts controller servlet performs as it receives each servlet request from the container.

This processor subclasses the Struts RequestProcessor in order to intercept calls to forward or include. 

code | html
TilesUtil   Class containing utility methods for Tiles.  code | html
TilesUtilImpl   Default implementation of TilesUtil.  code | html
TilesUtilStrutsImpl   TilesUtil implementation for Struts 1.1 with one single factory.  code | html
TilesUtilStrutsModulesImpl   Implementation of TilesUtil for Struts multi modules.  code | html
UntypedAttribute   Common implementation of attribute definition.  code | html
UrlController   Tiles controller including a local URL.  code | html