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Constants   Manifest constants for the FileRealmConnector package.  code | html
Constants.Attribute   XML attribute names in the configuration file.  code | html
Constants.Element   XML element names in the configuration file.  code | html
Constants.Parameter   Initialization parameters from the associated ServletContext.  code | html
FileRealmConnector   Implementation of RealmConnector that uses a FileRealmDatabase object as the cache to an underlying XML-stored database of users and their associated roles.  code | html
FileRealmDatabase   In-memory cache of the set of users, groups, and their associated roles, stored in an XML-formatted file that conforms to DTD found in the tomcat-users.dtd file in this directory.  code | html
FileRealmGroup   In-memory representation of a defined group of users, which may be granted specific roles indirectly by virtue of their membership in a group.  code | html
FileRealmTool   Command-line tool to manipulate database files containing FileRealmDatabase information.  code | html
FileRealmUser   In-memory representation of an individual user, to which specific roles may be assigned directly, or indirectly by virtue of membership in one or more groups.  code | html