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ByteChunk.ByteInputChannel   Input interface, used when the buffer is emptiy Same as java.nio.channel.ReadableByteChannel  code | html
ByteChunk.ByteOutputChannel   Same as java.nio.channel.WrittableByteChannel.  code | html
CharChunk.CharInputChannel     code | html
CharChunk.CharOutputChannel   When we need more space we'll either grow the buffer ( up to the limit ) or send it to a channel.  code | html


Ascii   This class implements some basic ASCII character handling functions.  code | html
B2CConverter   Efficient conversion of bytes to character .  code | html
Base64   This class provides encode/decode for RFC 2045 Base64 as defined by RFC 2045, N.  code | html
ByteChunk   This class is used to represent a chunk of bytes, and utilities to manipulate byte[].  code | html
C2BConverter   Efficient conversion of character to bytes.  code | html
CharChunk   Utilities to manipluate char chunks.  code | html
DateTool   Common place for date utils.  code | html
HexUtils   Library of utility methods useful in dealing with converting byte arrays to and from strings of hexadecimal digits.  code | html
IntermediateInputStream   Special output stream where close() is overriden, so super.close() is never called.  code | html
IntermediateOutputStream   Special output stream where close() is overriden, so super.close() is never called.  code | html
MessageBytes   This class is used to represent a subarray of bytes in an HTTP message.  code | html
MessageBytes.MessageBytesFactory     code | html
ReadConvertor     code | html
StringCache   This class implements a String cache for ByteChunk and CharChunk.  code | html
StringCache.ByteEntry     code | html
StringCache.CharEntry     code | html
TimeStamp   Main tool for object expiry.  code | html
UDecoder   All URL decoding happens here.  code | html
UEncoder   Efficient implementation for encoders.  code | html
UTF8Decoder   Moved from ByteChunk - code to convert from UTF8 bytes to chars.  code | html
WriteConvertor   Special writer class, where close() is overritten.  code | html