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public class: BaseRequest [javadoc | source]
A general-purpose object for representing an HTTP request.
Field Summary
public static final  String SCHEME_HTTP     
public static final  String SCHEME_HTTPS     
 MessageBytes method     
 MessageBytes protocol     
 MessageBytes requestURI     
 MessageBytes remoteAddr     
 MessageBytes remoteHost     
 MessageBytes serverName     
 int serverPort     
 MessageBytes remoteUser     
 MessageBytes authType     
 MessageBytes queryString     
 MessageBytes authorization     
 String scheme     
 boolean secure     
 int contentLength     
 MessageBytes contentType     
 MimeHeaders headers     
 Cookies cookies     
 HashMap<String, Object> attributes     
 MessageBytes tomcatInstanceId     
Method from org.apache.tomcat.util.http.BaseRequest Summary:
authType,   authorization,   contentType,   cookies,   getAttribute,   getAttributeNames,   getContentLength,   getNote,   getScheme,   getSecure,   getServerPort,   headers,   instanceId,   jvmRoute,   method,   protocol,   queryString,   recycle,   remoteAddr,   remoteHost,   remoteUser,   requestURI,   serverName,   setAttribute,   setContentLength,   setNote,   setScheme,   setSecure,   setServerPort,   toString
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clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from org.apache.tomcat.util.http.BaseRequest Detail:
 public MessageBytes authType() 
    Get the auth type
 public MessageBytes authorization() 
    Get the authorization credentials
 public MessageBytes contentType() 
    Get the content type
 public Cookies cookies() 
    Get cookies.
 public Object getAttribute(String name) 
    Get an attribute on the request
 public Iterator getAttributeNames() 
    Get iterator over attribute names
 public int getContentLength() 
    Get the content length
 public final Object getNote(int id) 
 public String getScheme() 
    Get the scheme
 public boolean getSecure() 
    Get whether the request is secure or not.
 public int getServerPort() 
    Get the server port
 public MimeHeaders headers() 
    Get this request's headers
 public MessageBytes instanceId() 
    Get the host id ( or jvmRoute )
 public MessageBytes jvmRoute() 
 public MessageBytes method() 
    Get the method.
 public MessageBytes protocol() 
    Get the protocol
 public MessageBytes queryString() 
    Get the query string
 public  void recycle() 
    Recycles this object and readies it further use.
 public MessageBytes remoteAddr() 
    Get the remote address
 public MessageBytes remoteHost() 
    Get the remote host
 public MessageBytes remoteUser() 
    Get the remote user
 public MessageBytes requestURI() 
    Get the request uri
 public MessageBytes serverName() 
    Get the server name
 public  void setAttribute(String name,
    Object value) 
    Set an attribute on the request
 public  void setContentLength(int i) 
    Set the content length
 public final  void setNote(int id,
    Object cr) 
 public  void setScheme(String s) 
    Set the scheme.
 public  void setSecure(boolean b) 
    Set whether the request is secure or not.
 public  void setServerPort(int i) 
    Set the server port
 public String toString() 
    ** SLOW ** for debugging only!