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public final class: FastHttpDateFormat [javadoc | source]
Utility class to generate HTTP dates.
Field Summary
protected static final  int CACHE_SIZE     
protected static final  SimpleDateFormat format    HTTP date format. 
protected static final  SimpleDateFormat[] formats    The set of SimpleDateFormat formats to use in getDateHeader(). 
protected static final  TimeZone gmtZone     
protected static  long currentDateGenerated    Instant on which the currentDate object was generated. 
protected static  String currentDate    Current formatted date. 
protected static final  ConcurrentHashMap<Long, String> formatCache    Formatter cache. 
protected static final  ConcurrentHashMap<String, Long> parseCache    Parser cache. 
Method from org.apache.tomcat.util.http.FastHttpDateFormat Summary:
formatDate,   getCurrentDate,   parseDate
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Method from org.apache.tomcat.util.http.FastHttpDateFormat Detail:
 public static final String formatDate(long value,
    DateFormat threadLocalformat) 
    Get the HTTP format of the specified date.
 public static final String getCurrentDate() 
    Get the current date in HTTP format.
 public static final long parseDate(String value,
    DateFormat[] threadLocalformats) 
    Try to parse the given date as a HTTP date.