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Sub Packages:

org.apache.tomcat.util.http.fileupload   Component for handling html file uploads as given by rfc 1867 RFC 1867 .  


AcceptLanguage   Util to process the "Accept-Language" header.  code | html
BaseRequest   A general-purpose object for representing an HTTP request.  code | html
ContentType   Usefull methods for Content-Type processing  code | html
Cookies   A collection of cookies - reusable and tuned for server side performance.  code | html
FastHttpDateFormat   Utility class to generate HTTP dates.  code | html
HttpMessages   Handle (internationalized) HTTP messages.  code | html
LocaleToCharsetMap   A mapping to determine the (somewhat arbitrarily) preferred charset for a given locale.  code | html
MimeHeaderField     code | html
MimeHeaders   Memory-efficient repository for Mime Headers.  code | html
MimeMap   A mime type map that implements the java.net.FileNameMap interface.  code | html
NamesEnumerator   Enumerate the distinct header names.  code | html
Parameters     code | html
ServerCookie   Server-side cookie representation.  code | html
TomcatCookie     code | html
ValuesEnumerator   Enumerate the values for a (possibly ) multiple value element.  code | html