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public class: JSONStringer [javadoc | source]
JSONStringer provides a quick and convenient way of producing JSON text. The texts produced strictly conform to JSON syntax rules. No whitespace is added, so the results are ready for transmission or storage. Each instance of JSONStringer can produce one JSON text.

A JSONStringer instance provides a value method for appending values to the text, and a key method for adding keys before values in objects. There are array and endArray methods that make and bound array values, and object and endObject methods which make and bound object values. All of these methods return the JSONWriter instance, permitting cascade style. For example,

myString = new JSONStringer()
        .value("Hello, World!")
which produces the string
{"JSON":"Hello, World!"}

The first method called must be array or object. There are no methods for adding commas or colons. JSONStringer adds them for you. Objects and arrays can be nested up to 20 levels deep.

This can sometimes be easier than using a JSONObject to build a string.

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 public JSONStringer() 
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Method from org.apache.tomcat.util.json.JSONStringer Detail:
 public String toString() 
    Return the JSON text. This method is used to obtain the product of the JSONStringer instance. It will return null if there was a problem in the construction of the JSON text (such as the calls to array were not properly balanced with calls to endArray).