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public interface: RegistryMBean [javadoc | source]

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Interface for modeler MBeans. This is the main entry point into modeler. It provides methods to create and manipulate model mbeans and simplify their use. Starting with version 1.1, this is no longer a singleton and the static methods are strongly deprecated. In a container environment we can expect different applications to use different registries.
Method from org.apache.tomcat.util.modeler.RegistryMBean Summary:
getId,   invoke,   loadMBeans,   loadMetadata,   registerComponent,   stop,   unregisterComponent
Method from org.apache.tomcat.util.modeler.RegistryMBean Detail:
 public int getId(String domain,
    String name)
    Return an int ID for faster access. Will be used for notifications and for other operations we want to optimize.
 public  void invoke(List mbeans,
    String operation,
    boolean failFirst) throws Exception
    Invoke an operation on a set of mbeans.
 public List loadMBeans(Object source,
    ClassLoader cl) throws Exception
    Load an extended mlet file. The source can be an URL, File or InputStream. All mbeans will be instantiated, registered and the attributes will be set. The result is a list of ObjectNames.
 public  void loadMetadata(Object source) throws Exception
    Load descriptors. The source can be a File, URL pointing to an mbeans-descriptors.xml. Also ( experimental for now ) a ClassLoader - in which case META-INF/ will be used.
 public  void registerComponent(Object bean,
    String oname,
    String type) throws Exception
    Register a bean by creating a modeler mbean and adding it to the MBeanServer. If metadata is not loaded, we'll look up and read a file named "mbeans-descriptors.ser" or "mbeans-descriptors.xml" in the same package or parent. If the bean is an instance of DynamicMBean. it's metadata will be converted to a model mbean and we'll wrap it - so modeler services will be supported If the metadata is still not found, introspection will be used to extract it automatically. If an mbean is already registered under this name, it'll be first unregistered. If the component implements MBeanRegistration, the methods will be called. If the method has a method "setRegistry" that takes a RegistryMBean as parameter, it'll be called with the current registry.
 public  void stop()
    Reset all metadata cached by this registry. Should be called to support reloading. Existing mbeans will not be affected or modified. It will be called automatically if the Registry is unregistered.
 public  void unregisterComponent(String oname)
    Unregister a component. We'll first check if it is registered, and mask all errors. This is mostly a helper.