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public class: TcpConnection [javadoc | source]
Field Summary
static  int MAX_SHUTDOWN_TRIES    Maxium number of times to clear the socket input buffer. 
 PoolTcpEndpoint endpoint     
 Socket socket     
 public TcpConnection() 
Method from org.apache.tomcat.util.net.TcpConnection Summary:
getEndpoint,   getSocket,   readLine,   recycle,   setEndpoint,   setMaxShutdownTries,   setSocket,   shutdownInput
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Method from org.apache.tomcat.util.net.TcpConnection Detail:
 public PoolTcpEndpoint getEndpoint() 
 public Socket getSocket() 
 public static int readLine(InputStream in,
    byte[] b,
    int off,
    int len) throws IOException 
 public  void recycle() 
 public  void setEndpoint(PoolTcpEndpoint endpoint) 
 public static  void setMaxShutdownTries(int mst) 
 public  void setSocket(Socket socket) 
 public static  void shutdownInput(Socket socket) throws IOException