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public class: JSSESocketFactory [javadoc | source]

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Direct Known Subclasses:
    JSSE14SocketFactory, JSSE15SocketFactory, JSSE13SocketFactory

SSL server socket factory. It _requires_ a valid RSA key and JSSE.
Field Summary
static  String defaultProtocol     
static  boolean defaultClientAuth     
static  String defaultKeystoreType     
static  Log log     
protected  boolean initialized     
protected  String clientAuth     
protected  SSLServerSocketFactory sslProxy     
protected  String[] enabledCiphers     
protected  boolean allowUnsafeLegacyRenegotiation     
protected  boolean requireClientAuth    Flag to state that we require client authentication. 
protected  boolean wantClientAuth    Flag to state that we would like client authentication. 
Fields inherited from org.apache.tomcat.util.net.ServerSocketFactory:
 public JSSESocketFactory() 
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acceptSocket,   configureClientAuth,   configureClientAuth,   createSocket,   createSocket,   createSocket,   getCRLs,   getEnabledCiphers,   getEnabledProtocols,   getKeyManagers,   getKeystore,   getKeystorePassword,   getParameters,   getTrustManagers,   getTrustStore,   handshake,   init,   setEnabledProtocols
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acceptSocket,   createSocket,   createSocket,   createSocket,   getDefault,   handshake,   initSocket,   setAttribute
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Method from org.apache.tomcat.util.net.jsse.JSSESocketFactory Detail:
 public Socket acceptSocket(ServerSocket socket) throws IOException 
 protected  void configureClientAuth(SSLServerSocket socket) 
    Configure Client authentication for this version of JSSE. The JSSE included in Java 1.4 supports the 'want' value. Prior versions of JSSE will treat 'want' as 'false'.
 protected  void configureClientAuth(SSLSocket socket) 
    Configure Client authentication for this version of JSSE. The JSSE included in Java 1.4 supports the 'want' value. Prior versions of JSSE will treat 'want' as 'false'.
 public ServerSocket createSocket(int port) throws IOException 
 public ServerSocket createSocket(int port,
    int backlog) throws IOException 
 public ServerSocket createSocket(int port,
    int backlog,
    InetAddress ifAddress) throws IOException 
 protected Collection<CRL> getCRLs(String crlf) throws IOException, CRLException, CertificateException 
    Load the collection of CRLs.
 protected String[] getEnabledCiphers(String requestedCiphers,
    String[] supportedCiphers) 
 protected String[] getEnabledProtocols(SSLServerSocket socket,
    String requestedProtocols) 
    Determines the SSL protocol variants to be enabled.
 protected KeyManager[] getKeyManagers(String keystoreType,
    String keystoreProvider,
    String algorithm,
    String keyAlias) throws Exception 
    Gets the initialized key managers.
 protected KeyStore getKeystore(String type,
    String provider,
    String pass) throws IOException 
 protected String getKeystorePassword() 
 protected CertPathParameters getParameters(String algorithm,
    String crlf,
    KeyStore trustStore) throws Exception 
    Return the initialization parameters for the TrustManager. Currently, only the default PKIX is supported.
 protected TrustManager[] getTrustManagers(String keystoreType,
    String keystoreProvider,
    String algorithm) throws Exception 
    Gets the intialized trust managers.
 protected KeyStore getTrustStore(String keystoreType,
    String keystoreProvider) throws IOException 
 public  void handshake(Socket sock) throws IOException 
  void init() throws IOException 
    Reads the keystore and initializes the SSL socket factory.
 protected  void setEnabledProtocols(SSLServerSocket socket,
    String[] protocols) 
    Set the SSL protocol variants to be enabled.